A new approach to education

By acknowledging that each child is Purposed from birth and brings unique value into their context, we believe that this PurposED Education will create an inspired generation. By identifying their purpose and realizing their potential, young people are able to  manifest destiny, uphold their communities and stimulate regional development.



We were in the Volta Region serving and hosting a three day TKM camp for the village. We had prepared for 50 kids, when we arrived over 150 kids were waiting for us. As it was only the two of us; there was no way we could manage so many. So, we split them into 3 groups and told them they could come back on the following two days in groups of 50. Well, you would think they would turn around and go home to wait for their day. NO! They insisted on staying so we scrambled to find chairs for them to sit in and watch but the chairs available only accommodated some of them. The others were lead out of the wood paneled gate and asked to come back. Instead, they stood outside and started tearing holes in the fence just to see. The others sat in the sun in the back of the camp ALL day waiting for their chance to be under the tent and learn WHY? They wanted to learn; they wanted to grow; they wanted to experience the "thing" that could change everything for them. As we experienced in our time there, we meet so many children WAITING- waiting for an opportunity, waiting for a home, waiting for care, waiting...waiting...waiting.

WE are the ANSWER they have been waiting for! TKM 10.10.10 Project

South America


!Bienvenidos a la Republica Boliviarana de Venezuela! With great excitement, TKM landed in Tucacas, Venezuela-a state often considered at odds with America yet still part of the greater kingdom mission, so we came prepared to serve! There was such a warmth when we are welcomed into the CDLA community! Different cultures/nations/languages but One Love! Our first day in the community was in el Pueblo, the Dunes, that is off the main road leading to the city, the village was located about 5 meters below where rough foundations were laid on dirt, most rudimentary made or under construction. We went door to door to ascertain the needs of the community and the stories we heard were tales of pain, struggle, and desolation. After walking through the town, CDLA hosted an outdoor concert under a tarp tied to some poles on the plot seen below, destined to be a community center. As the afternoon turned to evening, kids activities turned to adults showing up after work. Of note were the gang members hanging out on a nearby patio trying to see what power had entered the neighborhood. Karen had spoken to one of these young men and promised to get him a soccer ball if he helped out. The next day as we hosted English TKM camp, Karen's friend and his "homies" had helped to organize the children. At lunch we had sent someone to pick up the ball so after the camp, there was Karen's hopeful friend; the joy with which he received the gift could best be described in his own words, "From my experience, I don't expect people to keep their word, but your sincere love has shown itself in this action." Hence, after a full day as English tutors, the gangbangers and Troy played futbol until the sun went down. We are joyful for breaking cycles of poverty and fueling hope!



We pulled out a map because we had never heard of Batam Island, Indonesia.  This small island just south of Singapore was our next destination. Roselle Yu, our host in Singapore had received an email asking if we could take a few days and minister to those who had been affected by a tsunami that had taken many lives. Many of the children were orphans due to this tragedy and the beautiful people of the International Church were committed to loving them through this crisis.  Even though, we didn't know where it was, and didn't know who these children were, we were confident in going to show LOVE. After booking boat tickets the night before our journey to Batam Island, we realized that two of our Zimbabwean partners would need visas to board the boat and enter Batam Island. This process would take two-business days but we were leaving the next morning. Kingdom observed, “As much as this trip was for us to serve it was also to increase our faith; God wanted to reveal himself to us. We prayed to God to go with us to the Indonesian embassy where we were served by a Christian at the counter and it all worked out, we got our visas in one day by God's grace.”  With great joy, the WHOLE team entered the school ready for TKM camp. The room was packed with students and their energy filled the room. It was beautiful to experience such open hearts and provision in this hidden land!



"Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody,  is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat." ~Mother Theresa

In the beautiful forest of Albania we made sure the children were not forgotten. Many begged on the streets, forced by their "families" to provide food. 60% don't attend school and live in abandoned buildings like you will see in the video. With Over 1 BILLION children living in abject poverty, we can't do everything but we must do SOMETHING.

THERE IS HOPE! Working with government officials we will began to be that ray of HOPE helping to open a TKM PurposED School for them in 2024.

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