Why Support TKM?

Keep reading if you are looking to support a dynamic organization that is redesigning education and what it means to be a nonprofit.


We're unique.

While many nonprofits help relieve the material burdens of the developing world, we go deeper. TKM seeks to address the whole person who needs education, guidance, and answers to fundamental questions about life.

We are educators.

Education is the main tool we use to impact lives. As lifelong teachers, we have developed our approach through years of first-hand experience and love for learning. Your support helps empower and equip real teachers who get the job done.


We are nimble.

TKM is not a large bureaucratic organization with large overhead. Our organization works and moves quickly to make donations stretch and  multiply outcomes. The time and resources that go into our projects are optimized by our common sense approach to nonprofit management.


What our partners are saying on the ground.

Dora A. Salazar
(CDLA Pastora- Venezuela)

Troy & Karen spent their vacation time to work with our community and train the youth, pouring their heart and soul into our community which has so many needs. We appreciate everything they have done for us & welcome back anytime.

Hana Sri
(Activities Coordinator- Batam Island, Indonesia)

I remember Troy & Karen come to our orphanage. They sing songs, teach us English, and share their school materials with us.


Become a partner

If your family or Organization would like to build a more sustainable partnership, consider giving monthly or Sponsoring a student or TKM PurposED School.