About Us

Our Story

In 2011 Troy and Karen McAdams had an experience that changed their lives forever. While running a camp in Ghana, the couple realized the overwhelming need for an empowering education model that would help people discover their purpose and use that knowledge to transform their lives and the communities around them.

Our Mission

While we seek to alleviate material suffering, we also recognizes that the true causes of poverty are much deeper and need to be addressed. It is our mission to uproot poverty by helping people find the purpose for their lives through education programs, collaborative partnerships and mentorship.

Our Approach

Our work begins by being able to see. Anyone can see the pain caused by those in need, but far fewer can understand what is behind these problems, what is at stake, and what can be done to facilitate change.

We see what most people try to avoid seeing and find way forward that was previously invisible or unattainable to those in need.

Program Spotlight

PurposED Schools

We are redesigning education through purpose driven schools.

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Troy McAdams

President and co Founder of TKM, Professional Educator, Husband & Father

Karen Taylor McAdams

Secretary and co Founder of TKM, Executive Extraordinaire, Wife & Mother

Alethea Bonello

Administrator, Compliance, Strategic planning

Board of Directors

Dean Larson

Treasurer and Business  executive, University Lecturer, Family man

LaTonya Moore

Vice President, co-Founder of Grace Ministries EX, Wife & Mother

Lynette Pelzer

USA representative, first TKM supporter, missionary to West Africa

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